Pickleball In Education

Mission of Pickleball in Education, Inc.

To expose all High School Students in Northern Kentucky to the Sport of Pickleball

Exciting "New" Sport

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the USA, with over 5.3 million players.  Once the favorite of Senior Citizens, Pickleball has quickly become the most inclusive sport of all.

The top rated players in the World are now under 19 years old and have only been playing for a few years.

Pickleball is incredibly easy to learn (but difficult to perfect).

Includes Everybody

That's right!  Regardless of age, gender, race, or economic issues, everyone can play.

With over 41,000 places to play in the USA, Pickleball is also very inexpensive and provides healthy exercise without requiring excessive athletic ability.  Everybody can literally have FUN playing after just an hour or so of training in the fundamentals!  It is also a great family activity for all members of your family to enjoy playing!


Because not many students have ever played pickleball, even the newest players find the same opportunities as all other students.

A student doesn't need to be physically stronger or more athletic than their peers to play pickleball and have a lot of FUN!

The sport is growing in popularity so quickly that many opportunities for Intercollegiate and Olympic play are on the horizon!

Making a Difference

P.I.E is taking Pickleball to where the Students are: In their Schools, churches, and recreation venues.

Our Lesson Plans teach Pickleball by Playing Pickleball!

In addition to the pickleball experience of our volunteers, we bring the expertise of certified pickleball professionals to make pickleball easy to learn and to play.

Most students are able to carry on the rallies needed to play the game after just 1-2 hours of on-court instruction.

Helping provide a "Pickleball Home" for new players

Most high schools in the area have no pickleball courts on which their students can learn and play the game.  Through the generosity of our donors and sponsors, our non-profit, volunteer-only organization is able to provide and setup courts in all participating high schools in the area at very nominal cost.

Long Term Development

P.I.E. provides ongoing training modules, both in person and on-site to take interested players to their next level.  We assist in creating intramural ladders, round robin events and tournaments in support of their continuing progress. 

Pickleball In Education

P.I.E. is an all volunteer, Non-Profit corporation organized under IRS Section 501(c)3. All donations are fully tax deductible.
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