Pickleball In Education

P.I.E. Donors

The financial backbone of our volunteer, nonprofit efforts are dependent on donations from parents, relatives and the general public.


There are always high schools that are in need of good pickleball paddles.  So, if you have purchased a new paddle and no longer have a need for that old beauty of yours, why not give us a call and donate it?  We can ensure that it will be put to good use.


In providing pickleball training to the 30,000 high school students in our region, there is always a need for indoor and outdoor pickleballs in good condition.  If you've just bought some new ones, why not donate those older one to PIE?  Give us a call!  At about $3 per ball, the ongoing cost of balls really mounts up!

Pickleball In Education

P.I.E. is an all volunteer, Non-Profit corporation organized under IRS Section 501(c)3. All donations are fully tax deductible.
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