Pickleball In Education

Train The Trainer

We offer, on a regular basis, programs to train P/E Instructors and other teachers and coaches on various aspects of pickleball.  In this way, we work through the rigorous security that is, unfortunately, necessary in our schools and this serves to leverage our volunteer efforts while creating enthusiasm with the Instructors.


During this 2 hour workshop, scheduled periodically at The Campbell County YMCA and the Boone County YMCA, P/E Instructors will go through the Pickleball 101 course material and actually perform the drills that their students will be doing in their classes.  
As part of the program, the P/E Instructors will be taught how to teach each module and the reasoning and rationale for teaching it.

At PIE, we understand the variances, from school to school between their P/E programs.  P/E is limited to a single grade level at some schools and is taught at ll levels at others.  We work with your P/E program to customize our training programs to adjust to your P/E schedule, whatever that may be.


When a P/E Instructor satisfactorily completes the TTT program, his/her school will immediately become eligible for a PIE grant of up to $350 in paddles, nets, and balls, as well as court striping instructions and tape.  We will work with your USAP Ambassador to ensure that your court(s) are registered in Places2Play.  We can provide the necessary forms, assistance  and recommendation for the school to apply for a $350 USA Pickleball Grant, a Selkirk Paddle Grant, as well as other programs that become available, from time to time.

Pickleball In Education

P.I.E. is an all volunteer, Non-Profit corporation organized under IRS Section 501(c)3. All donations are fully tax deductible.
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