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Pickleball 102

A majority of the students who complete the PB101 training will have an appetite for further training.  Our PB 102 program teaches some intermediate level skills to build upon those learned in the PB101 basic course.  We will provide the training and resources to the P/E Instructor to teach the PB102 program after the students have some playing experience.


As players play many hours of games and have really good fun, they will become eager to learn more and to advance their skills.  Here, they will learn the art of softly hitting the ball over the net so that it lands in the opponents No-Volley_Zone  (AKA "The DINK") in such a way that the opponent cannot return it in an aggressive manner.


At the Intermediate level, players will need to learn to place the ball away from their opponents or to reduce the opponent's time to react.  The ability to hit the ball softly in certain places relative to the opponent's court location, will help the student win many rallies and progress in the game.


Being in the correct place on the court, relative to the shot just hit, is critical to a players ability to respons to the ball, to prepare for their return shot and to execute that shot in asuch a way that the opponent lacks the time to react to it or is in the incorrect position to return it aggressively.  Knowing where to position yourself and being aware of the velocity, trajectory and spin of the oncoming ball is taught here.
Paddle Tap

Pickleball In Education

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