Pickleball In Education

Pickleball Grants

There are many organizations that provide Grants to schools which implement a pickleball program

PIE Grants

To get the ball rolling within a school, Pickleball in Education provides a "starter set" of a net, 4 paddles and a dozen balls to any school that sends a P/E Instructor to our Train The Trainer program


The Governing Body of Pickleball in the U.S., USAP provides School Grants of $350 to high schools that join their  Youth Program Provider initiative.  These grants may be used for whatever pickleball equipment and supplies that are needed, from a Pickleball Central selected item list.

Once your school has a court that is listed on the national registry of pickleball courts  ,Places2Play.org ,  your school can apply for this grant, which must be endorsed by your local USAP Ambassador.  There is no guarantee that a school will qualify for the School Grant, but a significant number of these are funded each year.

To view the registry, click this link:



Due to the rapid growth of pickleball, industry vendors know that much of this growth depends on the embrace of the sport by high school students everywhere.   For this reason, the larger paddle and equipment vendors have various programs and grants that are made available to high schools across the USA.

For example, Selkirk a leading paddle manufacturer gives away thousands of paddles for school use each year under its school program.

Pickleball Central, the largest online pickleball superstore, also has a grant program in place to faciliate the growth of the sport.

PIE can assist your school  in locating such programs and in applying  for the funds.

Pickleball In Education

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