Pickleball In Education

Pickleball in Education Program

To accomplish our Mission of exposing all High School students in Northern Kentucky to Pickleball, there are many aspects of our program that work together.


Have PB Instructors in every school
We offer this session in a Workshop format so P/E Instructor not only learn how to play pickleball, but also how to teach the fundamentals


The Basics of pickleball
We teach pickleball by playing pickleball and having fun along the way.  The heavy emphasis is on having fun while learning the basic shots, court movement and paddle dexterity. At the end, students will be rallying and playing real games.


More Intermediate Skills
After a student has PB 101 and a few hours of playing games under their belt, this course teaches more intermediate skills that players will need to advance in the game.


Mobile Phone Accessible
Video training is provided that demonstrates how the game is played at all levels from 1.0 Beginner to 5.0 Professional.  A selected list of videos is provided to guide students on their pickleball journey.


Being Part of the group
Pickleball has many social, teamwork, competition and sportsmanship aspects.  Having a School Pickleball Club can be inclusive to all students, not just the athletic ones!

Pickleball In Education

P.I.E. is an all volunteer, Non-Profit corporation organized under IRS Section 501(c)3. All donations are fully tax deductible.
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